6Sight 2010: Camera Developments – Part 2

ILC Cameras – Panasonic offers the DMC-G2 and Lumix GF2. The DMC-G2 is an ILC camera with 12 MP, 3.2 frames per second, 720p video for about $ 800. The LUMIX GF2 will be the smallest ILC camera, 19% smaller and 7% lighter than its predecessor GF1. The camera has a touchscreen and a resolution of 12 MP.

Panasonic draws particular attention to the touch screen and how easy it is to control. A touch on a human face and the camera switches to the portrait mode, a touch on the background and it changes to the scene mode, etc.

Samsung introduces with the NX10 a new ILC in their program with 14.6 MP for $ 700 and the NX100 with 14MP for $ 900 with a lens. Again, the ease of use of the camera is emphasized.

Sony’s NEX3 and NEX5 are on the market for a short time and offer now the 18-200mm lens for these cameras but in the moment it is difficult to order this lens for the market here.

Recently, Sony has published a firmware update for these cameras, which gives the user, among others, this new feature: The ability to record a series of images while the camera pans and then convert that into a 3D panoramic image, that can be shown on any 3D enabled device, including Sony’s, 3D – TV.

While Sony is using the MPO standard for those images, they cannot be displayed on the Fuji 3D picture frame. Of course, the camera can also create a 2D panoramic image with 226 degrees and the panorama is assembled automatically also by the camera.

In general, the ILC cameras give the impression that on one hand the user will enjoy a higher quality of images as well as the ability to swap lenses. On the other hand they are used to simple and easy handling of cameras but not the complexity of a DSLR camera so this contradiction seems to give the industry some headaches.

Sony came out with a new camera that uses a different technique for the realization of an ILC camera. The Sony A55 is a camera for $ 750, which works like an SLR. It does not use mechanical, but a semi-transparent mirror.

The camera lets you capture 1080i, 10 frames per second and has a sensor as large as an APS-C camera sensor. The price is expected to be set at $ 750. The Nikon S1100PJ for 350 USD has a built-in internal 14-lumen projector to project images directly onto a wall. In the field of compact cameras, there are also some cameras that were presented to the public. Among others, there is the Canon SD 4000 with f / 2, 3.8 x-zoom for $ 350.

High-end, compact cameras and “special” cameras

A few cameras in the high-end area are being presented below:

  • The Hasselblad H3D-40 with 40 MP, 33x44mm CD for $ 20,000 with an 80mm lens.
  • The Leaf Aptus-II Imaging 8 with 40 MP, also for $ 20,000. From the same manufacturer, the Aptus-II 12, 80 MP, 53.7 × 40.3 CCD, 1.5 frames per second for $ 32,000
  • Mamiya presents the DM40 with 40 MP, 60 images / minute for $ 21,990 and the RZ33 with 33MP for $ 17,990

Also presented are cameras that should appeal to more specific audiences.

  • Casio presented the EX-FH100 as an example of high-speed cameras with 40 frames per second or video with 1,000 video frame rate. 10 MP, ISO 3200, 10 x optical zoom for about $ 300.
  • The Casio Exilim EX-H20G has a built-in GPS and allows the opportunity to retrieve information from over 10,000 interesting motives. The price in this case is $ 350.

More so in the area of special cameras you can find the cameras from Samsung that have two LCD screens, including one that points forward to simplify self-portraits. This includes the ST100 and ST600 for $ 350 for $ 330. Also from Samsung is the Samsung PL90 with built-in USB port for direct wireless USB connection. More examples of special cameras are a Contour helmet camera or hidden cameras in T-shirts.

6Sight in the Future

In addition to the developments in cameras on the 6Sight experts also discussed other themes, including 3D, augmented reality, the state of the industry and many, many statistics. Overall, 6Sight was filled with compact information in the few days, as for example the PMA exhibition with their events. Next year, 6Sight will be moved ahead and will be held again in June in San Jose.

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