6Sight 2011: Are you an Amateur or a Professional? – Part 2

Much more than just playing with the technology – It has also become very clear in the survey that digital photography means much more to many people than just playing with technology. For over 80% of respondents, photography is a way to express their creativity; more than 60% of amateur photographers think they have a real talent for it.

In this they are supported by their friends and family; 60% of respondents say that they love their art. A technical innovation in the market also seems to make a huge impact on the development of pure amateur photography into a professionalized hobby.

The development of the digital SLR camera has inspired two thirds of respondents to get more serious about dealing with their hobby and the new features associated with the development of SLR meant for more than half of the respondents that they need to continue their education regarding their cameras and hobbies.

Despite all these developments you can still draw parallels between the two worlds of photography, past and present. The beginner of today is not the buyer of a compact camera; it is the owner of the mobile phone. A recent study by comScore shows that more and more users take pictures with their own smartphones. Leaders here are the Spanish consumer with 63% of the smart phone owners, followed by Japan (61.7%, Italy (57.4%), UK (57.2%), France (56.7%) and, surprisingly, the U.S. at (54.3%)

For many hobbyists, the primary purpose of photography is still to share their photos with friends and to keep the memories of special moments alive. And just like with any other hobby, which is run by passion and involvement, it’s possible to lose track of time but, “we want to enjoy it. “ This is the unanimous opinion of the fans – and then so it should be.

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