6Sight 2011: Photo Publishing – A Market with Potential Part 2

A further, rapidly growing segment in the photo publishing area are photo-intensive business applications with a current estimated at a figure of about 1.9 trillion. The predictions of InfoTrends indicate an increase in the number of photos currently used in photo-intensive business applications will grow from about 22 billion in 2010 to 33 billion in 2014.

The market range of offerings is not exhausted yet; every day new products come on the market. There is a promising development is in smartphones. Smartphones are dominating the market of mobile phones and in addition to the wide range of multimedia applications, also include cameras with considerable power. Smartphone users make an average of 20 photos per month. Several vendors are exploring this opportunity and plan to offer apps for creating personalized digital postcards in the near future.

It is important to transform the experience of online contemplation of photos into an online shopping experience – Danny Faccini, Pictage

The exceptionally good predictions for this market are sometimes hard to believe. But they are justified. For instance, products from photo publishing are both personal and meaningful to the recipient, while also being very cost effective for the buyer. You are looking at a whole new market area that constantly produces new products. On top of that the social networks and photo sites like flickr.com help integrate the formerly private photos on people’s hard drives into a more social, connected life.

The study found that even professionalized amateur photographers spend much more money and time with their hobby than ever before. Targeted links and advertisements serve the relevant pages to people who enjoy using photo publishing to explore their creativity and find new opportunities to bring their pictures into the scene. These, along with many other different factors show rapid growth for a market like photo publishing. One could even say that investors are envisioning almost fairy-tale-like, double-digit growth in this industry – building the foundation for a perfect opportunity. But is it sustainable?

Facebook users upload as many pictures per month as pictures will be uploaded on Flickr in two years. So users now have a whole new way to share their photos with friends. Apple is using the iCloud service and the automatic sync with Google on Android Devices to Google Plus is even easier. All of these new feature releases will reduce the need for photo orders. So it is safe to say that the integration of social media in the photo publishing is particularly important for everybody.

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