6Sight 2011: Enchanting, Linking, Earning – Part 1

After our report on the future of the photo imaging from the first day of the 6Sight conference, we would also like to provide you with some insights into the presentation of the famous and popular author Guy Kawasaki.

Previously working at Apple, he is now with Alltop and one of the most popular social media gurus. Along with the panel discussion and Technology Showcases, he completed his presentation on the topic of social imaging on the second day.

You’d certainly be in a good mood if you imagined the father of all the new apple products, Steve Jobs, personally polishing your shoes. Doesn’t seem possible?

Right, nobody cannot really imagine that, but Richard Branson convinced Guy Kawasaki personally to fly with his airline Virgin America. At 6Sight Conference he proved this on the basis of a photograph.

This exact kind of proof is the subject in the presentation of Guy Kawasaki’s book „Enchantment“ – the foundation for his audience to fascinate the customers or even potential customers in a simple way.

Nobodies are the new Somebodies – Guy Kawasaki

Here are some keypoints, also including some tips that perhaps social media users had not yet considered. Besides an honest, pleasant attitude, you also have to be credible. It’s not just about offering great customer service, but also to respect the ordinary consumer with the prompt answering of emails.

Respond to praising comments on social networking sites and don’t just post promotions, but post many other useful links. This makes the user interested and simultaneously gives the poster a little more leeway in the right of self-promotion.

If you produce great content, you have earned the right to promote your thoughts – Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki offers the advice to incorporate on Twitter not more than 5% of self-promotion and to create the rest of the tweets so that it acts in response to the followers.

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