6Sight 2011: Photo Publishing – A Market with Potential Part 1

The 6Sight Conference in San Jose, California, that took place from June 20th to June 22 gave interesting insights and views from the world of Social Imaging as well as the area of Photo-Publishing.

Future Developments in the Photo Publishing Sector

Photo Publishing includes the marketing of personalized gift ideas such as self-designed photo books for the private sector, as well as opportunities in the area of fundraising, real estate marketing and event marketing. The area is shown to be particularly crisis-proof and although, according to the forecast, the number of printed digital photos will decrease in the coming years from about 16.6 billion to 14.5 billion. The area of photo merchandise rose more than 26% in the years 2009/10 and continues to expect strong growth in all areas through the coming years. Compared to 58 million units sold in 2009, photo merchandise expects to sell 136 million units in 2014, primarily online. Even professional photographers will spend less money to print their photos, but will have the opportunity to market more photo merchandise products. Photo books will play a leading role with a growth of 18.7%. Furthermore, service providers expect a slight reduction in prices, which will be in the single digits.

Each holiday is also a holiday for the Photo Publishing Industry!

Whether it is Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings or Christmas, for all holidays and special occasion, photo merchandising products are on top of the popularity scale. Marketers have even analysed the typical buyer of these types of products. They found that the average buyer is described as young and family-oriented and both men and women are equally represented in the analysis. The typical buyer has already purchased at least one merchandising product and 90% of them are planning to buy more products in the near future.

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