Better option to share Facebook and Instagram images in the offline world

Atlanta (September 1, 2014). ECCE TERRAM, the solution provider for digital imaging, has launched their new „MyWorld SocialBook“ photo service. The application makes it simple for consumers to share their photos both inside and outside of social networks.

The application is an ideal addition to the successful  “Social Imaging“ approach by the German based company.

As part of this strategy ECCE TERRAM developed one of the first Facebook Apps. The “Share Your Photo Story” Facebook App was launched by the company as a white-label-solution in 2011. The user can share their published stories on social networks and as a high quality, printed photobook with their friends and relations.

The new application is based on an innovative mobile and social app from SoSocio in Netherlands. In collaboration with ECCE TERRAM, the application is supported by the infrastructure of Photo2lab. Photobook creation is even easier because it works with images from Facebook, Instagram, personal PC and any mobile device like tablet or phone. After choosing a design template through the simple-to-use layout wizard, you can create a lasting memory in just a few minutes.

The wide range of applications like “Save your Memories“, “Share your Photostory“ and the new „MyWorld SocialBook“ addresses consumer interests in a rapidly changing market. The market for photo printing is quickly evolving to mobile and social networking platforms.

“We think that our software would be a great addition for any company looking to provide mobile and social solutions to their existing client base“, said Wouter van de Berg, SoSocio CEO. “Our integration with the Photo2Lab infrastructure enables SoSocio to be present in more countries with different partners“.

CEO Frank Simon add “The security of market share and brand loyalty in the photo space depends upon the ability to meet the needs of a new consumer market. Meeting those needs requires a strong focus on photo solutions and the ability to offer a wide range of consumer targeted apps. The integration with SoSocio, one of the more innovative social apps, will allow us to consistently follow our strategy and focus our core strengths.“

MyWorld SocialBook is available in Germany, USA and Australia, and can be found at Availability in Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand will be announced shortly.

About ECCE TERRAM Internet Service GmbH

ECCE TERRAM, based in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony), is an international company that specializes in photo ordering solutions and social media services for digital photo labs, retail chains and commercial printers (“Photo2Lab Software Suite“). The company has offices in the USA (Silicon Valley), Australia (Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland).

About Photo2Lab

The Photo2Lab Software Suite of ECCE TERRAM provides a complete solution for photo ordering for processing in photo labs. The scope includes applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS, Android and Social Networks as well as state-of-the-art HTML5 applications for use with millions of mobile devices. In addition to the photo order process, the middleware is focused on payment, promotion and adaptability for Affiliates and partners as part of white label solution. The product range of Photo2Lab Software Suite stretches from photo prints to fun items to photobooks and home decor. Photo2Lab provides industry-leading flexibility and transparency – with the aim to reduce costs and open new target markets for the customers of the solution.

About SoSocio

SoSocio, based in Amsterdam (Netherlands) was founded in 2011. Recently, the company has raised $600,000 US-Dollar in a second round of financing from European investors. The social app is available globally, currently with a focus on Europe and USA, via a white label solution in a software-as-a-service model. Besides photobooks, postcards and single prints, other print products can be added on demand.