Fall Update, Part 3: Better Photobooks with Coverstyles

We are returning to the features found in our Photobook designer, one of the most advanced on the market. We already made significant improvements to the software – the ability to integrate Links to Websites, Video or Audio, as well as our just-announced Conversion Tool, which enables the sharing of templates and designs across formats. But let’s get back to the core: Making the creation of a great photobook more convenient for the consumer get better with our latest Software Release.

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Fall Update, Part 1: 3D Printing

It has been only six months since we published our latest Software Releases like the Desktop Client V2014.4 or the Mobile App V2014.4. These releases have great features like a new way to support Daily Deals along with other new capabilities.

But now its time for the Holiday Season and our newest Software Solutions are in the final stage of release. A good reason to inform about what is new and how you can grow your revenue, show innovation and be prepared for Holiday Season 2014 and 2015.

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