Fall Update, Part 2: New Product Conversion Feature

For a long time, it has been challenging to enable the consumer to change their mind while creating a product. That applies especially for photobooks.

Now with the new Photo2lab Conversion Feature this problem is solved.

In our previous version (V2014.4) we offered our licensees the ability to create content (themes, templates, etc) then convert those into different formats. Using this feature, our customers were able to convert formats, like an 8×11 softcover to an 11×8 lay-flat, or from a landscape canvas collage to a portrait acrylic collage.

Convert Wizard

Convert Wizard

Based on our experience with these conversions, we improved this feature and now make it now available as feature for the end-consumer.

An existing project (including those created with previous software versions) can be converted into new formats. A Wizard supports the consumer during the process, indicating which types of target formats are easy to convert and which ones may need additional checking by the consumer.

The Wizard also supports the consumer as they rearrange images and text boxes, so that a simple check and some slide modification by the consumer is enough to complete the transition. When the Content Creator focuses on our main features „Dice Templates“ „Image box“, and „Combined Image/Text“-Box even converting an 8×11 hardcover to a 6×4 softcover requires no additional actions from the consumer. If they wish to change their mind during the creation process, the conversion tool is available directly in the editor.

8×11 to 11×8

8×11 to 11×8

While the Convert Projects functionality is important, it increasing your revenue is more important. For this reason we added features in two areas: If someone takes the time to create and order a high value hardcover book of a wedding, why not offer them the ability to quickly order smaller softcover versions for family and friends? For this reason, we integrated the Convert tool into our up-selling and cross-selling features. The second area is most interesting for the Photo Labs and Photographers who layout pre-defined Theme Photobooks, Collages, Cards or Calendars.

Instead of needing to create a digital asset for each format/size, it is now possible to create an asset once and then use the Convert-Feature to do the rest. For example, create a single themed book, then use the Convert feature to offer it to your customers in a half dozen formats. This multiplies the possibilities, and makes it easy for the consumer to create high-quality books in the formats of their choice in a very short time.

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