Getting Over the Imaging Kiosk Stigma – Break Down the Problems

While self-service kiosk imaging has come a long ways from where it used to be ten years ago, the image service kiosk still has to overcome a stigma problem for it to be successful. Most kiosks, as image providers are aware, have to be situated in high traffic areas to be useful and profitable. This usually includes some kind of grocery store highly-visible side area, for example. However, a number of problems can make such an effort useless if not addressed up front.

Out-of-order situations take too long to fix. Consumers generally know what a kiosk is and what kind of service it provides, i.e. photo-imaging. However, they don’t really understand what the benefit is to them personally until they actually try the machine out, utilizing the interactive software. This entire experience gets thwarted when a kiosk machine malfunctions or stops working properly. Normally, a software reboot provides a quick fix. However, many image kiosk machines have to serviced by the company that placed them, leaving a dead kiosk sitting in plain sight for days at a time. A kiosk-owning business might as well rent some poster space that says, “my business is a failure, don’t buy from me.” Using a software service that provides reliable imaging kiosks is a must for successful business as well as imaging profit.

It’s too complicated. If they’re going to be using a kiosk on their own, consumers want to use a kiosk imaging machine they can understand. A number of software programs now exist that are entirely intuitive and need no language component at all, either as voice or text. Using such a program makes it far easier for that grocery clerk to explain the machine easily to a customer, producing profit for both the grocery store as well as the kiosk owner with each happy photo owner.

Competitive pricing matters for sales conversions. A business can run the best imaging kiosk technologically available, but if the per photo pricing is too expensive for a customer then no one will use the kiosk. Pricing needs to be profitable while still keeping the use of the kiosk convenient. If the print page cost is too far out in left field, many will definitely go elsewhere for printing if not go any buy their own printer outright.

A number of challenges exist for imaging kiosk management, and they frequently have nothing to do with software installed on these machines. Image kiosks can be wonderful sales tools, but they need to be managed correctly with an eye on effective business.

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