Mobile Apps – but for iOS, Android, Windows 8 ?

If you start to develop Mobile Apps for the Photo Industry, an important question will be which platforms to choose. Android growing fast, iOS is still the market leader. Microsoft enter the Smartphone & Tablet Markets with Windows 8 and seems be on the same level as Apple and Google.

Android Device Models

Android Device Models

If you look at the numbers, there is some background information that needs to be considered. Even if there are twice as many android devices shipped compared to iOS – when it comes to paid Apps or orders placed, the Apple Ecosphere is still more than 12 times bigger than the Android World.

From the development standpoint, it is a much easier decision. Smartphones run mostly on Android 2, and tablets on Android 3. Android 4 is the first version that covers both worlds, but few consumers (or suppliers) update their older devices to Android 4. Android 2, 3 and 4 are more different from each other than you might think. So today we offer one iOS App for iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad, but two Applications for Android: one for Android 2, and one for Android 3 which is focused on tablets.

Plus, their are much more different Android Devices. Different Screen Resolution, different way how to access on SD Cards, different Aspectratios used for the Display. That raise the investment to maintenance new devices within the App – with the implication that more updates for Android are necessary than for iOS.

If we look on the download numbers from Photo Apps itself, 2/3 of the Apps downloaded are iOS Apps. This is the reason that we focusing Apps on iOS Devices and Android 4 in the future. Recently we introduce our second iOS Mobile App that allow consumers to ask for Status of their orders either send via Mobile, Desktop or via the Web as well. On the Android part, we will support Android 4 in the future and combine the Smartphone & Tablet functionality. We have a deep look how it works with Windows 8. Especially the Surface is a very interesting Tablet architecture, that it is worth to keep in touch with this world as well.

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