Mobile Photography Award – Surprisingly professional, competitive

In the first international competition for mobile photography the winners of the first Mobile Photography Awards show that you can not only create great photos and absolutely outstanding works of art with a professional SLR but also with a mobile phone under the condition that post processing may also be performed with mobile apps.

The final images promise a lot more than even advocates of professional cameras and photo labs would expect. For the first time this year, the Mobile Photography Award wants to establish itself just like its role model, the International Photography Award, as a competition for quality photography, which is an ambitious goal for Founder Daniel Berman, a photographer himself.

You can see the quality of the competition with 2200 high quality submissions and 26 winners in various categories. The motivations of Berman for this competition are simple, but some industry experts simply don’t believe it.

Meanwhile, mobile photography, although not qualitatively worse than digital, finds it hard to compete with digital photography even though the range of artists and styles, coupled with the cooperation of app developers, offer a colorful playground for extraordinary works of art and their artists which deserve the support and attention of the industry.

At least mobile photography is next to the digital SLR in the absolute focus of popularity among users of smartphones. The rocket-like increase of the percentage of smartphones in the mobile market also increased the use of the built-in cameras, the multi-million pixels, flash, filter functions, and other gimmicks that are just for fun.

The normal compact camera, however, is bound to see its final days and is used less and less in the family home. Just in the past few days giant Facebook has made furor with the purchase of a one billion heavy Instragram. The simple Fotoshare app Instagram has taken the spirit of our time and has used it to attract the masses with simple tools designed to turn snapshots into works of art.

Amateur shots cannot be compared with the winners of the Mobile Photography Awards, but both show trends on the direction for the future market. The 60 works of art are shown in the San Francisco Art Gallery until June 2012.

One of the winners in the first Mobile Photography Award was Shane Robinson, who won with his picture „Gingered Torso“ in the category App Percolator. The original photo was taken with an iPhone, and was subsequently treated with apps in more than 800 individual steps on his iPad.

He shows in a very fascinating video what apps and tools which were used to produce the final image. And he is just one example among the 25 other winners who showed as much creativity and finesse in their pictures.

Remarkable, however, is not only the quality of the photos in general, but also the variety of apps that are used by the artists to a great extent. The only thing left to do now is to create to possibility of sharing and ordering such pictures by anyone.

This years beginning of the MPA has made great impact with its competition and showed the industry that Mobile Photography market is strong and worth paying attention to. The new developments and growth curves from Flickr and Instagram also show that the huge numbers of users speak for themselves. The industry definitely has a new star in the sky that wants to be promoted and needs to be taken seriously.

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