New Apps Help Save Visual Memories

Atlanta, GA / New York, NY (06/12/2012) – Digital imaging solutions company Ecce Terram, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA and Oldenburg, Germany, will introduce a new Facebook app named „Save Your Memories“ at this month’s industry show 6Sight in New York City.

This step, and the introduction of a similar feature for the line of native mobile apps created by Ecce Terram for smartphones and tablet computers, is aimed at further simplifying and adding convenience to the way consumers save and share their photos.

At a glance, „Save Your Memories“ automatically presents users with print order options for images newly uploaded to their Facebook albums or added to their mobile device camera rolls. The user is prompted to select which recently updated images should be ordered for print, using quick-select menu options which are based on the most commonly chosen selections.

„Save Your Memories“ enables consumers to realize one of their main goals when using their mobile device or Facebook to store and share photos, according to Ecce Terram: to secure and preserve precious visual memories outside the digital sphere. After uploading new photos, Ecce Terram’s new „Save Your Memories“ app offers convenient print order options right on the opening screen, for „All Images“, „Since Your Last Order“, „Last 30 Days“, or „Albums“.

„It’s all about peace of mind,“ said Frank Simon, President and CEO of Ecce Terram, and the company’s founder. „In today’s mobile world, the majority of consumers trusts smartphones and Facebook with their digital photo collection. But phones break, or get lost, or stolen.“

What’s more, many people feel uncomfortable with putting all their digital photos in one social networking „basket“, Mr. Simon said. Ecce Terram’s new „Save Your Memories“ app, he pointed out, answers the common need to securely preserve selected visual memories offline.

 Ecce Terram, which started in Germany and is the creator of the „Photo2Lab Software Suite“, today is considered a pioneer of the digital imaging industry. „Five years ago, successful photo services providers were ready to take processing orders online when consumers sat down at a desktop computer,“ said Mr. Simon.
„Today, you have to be ready to take an order the second after they take a snapshot with their iPhone or iPad, or when they update their photo timeline on Facebook.“

The „Save Your Memories“ concept, Ecce Terram points out, is positioned to complement the company’s successful „Share your Photo Story“ approach. A white-labeled „Share Your Photo Story“ Facebook app, as well as social media and co-editing options featured in Ecce Terram’s Desktop Client and Online Client software, already enable consumers to jointly create and order photo products, for example by converting Facebook albums directly into presentable photo books.

Combined, the „Save Your Memories“ and the „Share Your Photo Story“ concepts answer photo services consumer needs and demands in a market that has rapidly shifted to mobile and social networking platforms. The added convenience of white-labeled solutions offered by Ecce Terram, the company believes, will help large photo services providers secure and retain market share and brand loyalty, and build and expand new channels.