New Releases of Photo2lab Mobile, Desktop & Middleware

In 2012 we adjusted the roadmap for our software to include the goal of releasing updates twice each year. We began with the Desktop Client in October 2012 (Version 2012.10) and extended this strategy to more software modules. See what new releases are become recently available.

Photo2lab Mobile App V2013.10

New Editor

New Editor

After the major update of our Mobile App V1.5 several months ago, where we added an entire effects studio, canvas preview tool and improved design capabilities, we have just released our latest version of this powerful mobile app.

The new version is complete re-work our Product Editor. It brings simpler navigation to cropped images and a fast and easy view, automatically matching the image to the resolution and aspect ratio of the product. This release also supports higher resolution images.

Additionally, Australia was added to the list of countries where our mobile app is in use. You can find our latest release in the iTunes Store

Photo2lab Desktop Client V2013.4.1

Calendar Subscriptions

Calendar Subscriptions

Recently, the interim version of the Desktop Client from April 2013 received new capabilities. Some of those new features of 2013.4.0 and 2013.4.1 are:

  • Support for double-page Calendar
  • Completely re-developed Photobook Preview
  • Support for new Credit Card Providers for Australia and New Zealand
  • More flexibility to customize the Design and Layout of the Desktop Client
  • Improved support for personalized Calendars, adding the ability to subscribe to dates like Holidays, Sporting Events and more from the Internet.
  • Improved Debug & Design modes that enable our licensees to generate their own Themes and Templates for Photobooks, Calendars an Cards

Photo2lab CentralHub Middleware V2013.10

We added integration to additional fulfillment providers, Photocreate and Foto Saal, which increased the choices available to our customers to add new partners for production of their portfolios.

New Backoffice

New Backoffice

Previous versions of our Middleware focused on integration to existing systems of our SaaS Customers and Licensees for the Management of Users, Orders and Vouchers. In our latest version, we introduce a powerful new Backoffice for all of our customers.

This new Backoffice offers the following:

  • Order search for Status, Order Detail and Invoice Generation
  • User account enabled to change password, modify email address or retrieve a list of their previous projects for reorder
  • Generation of vouchers
  • Approval of Payments via Check and Direct Debit
  • Import of Voucher from Daily Deal Websites
  • Integration of our Support System H2DESK
  • Weekly updates of Revenue Reports
  • Incoming order statistics are updated hourly

What comes next ?
We are still working on Desktop Client V2013.10 and Online Client V2013.10. Soon, we will update you in another blog post about several great new market-focused tools to help you drive additional revenue.

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