Photo Sharing for everyone – Part 1

If you’re one of the millions of people who shot 1,000 pictures with your camera in addition to 200 pictures with your smart phone the last time you were on vacation – let me ask you something. What will you do with those photos?

Photos go around the world

Pictures do not gather dust anymore like they used to in photo albums; instead they are made available to virtual friends in digital albums or on websites. The Photo-Networking industry is booming! You can find impressive data in the 6Sight Imaging Survey that is worth reading. When asked whether users just save their taken pictures, share with friends or do both simultaneously, the votes for the last category are unexpectedly high – 64% of digital camera users and 54% of smartphone users both store photos, as well as share with others. Users of digital cameras also tend to store their photos but it’s worth noting that a large number of smart phone users also store their photos after sharing them with others.

Friends and family play a big role

Knowing the monthly numbers presents a much more interesting case. On average each user uploads 34 photos each month but the difference between the users is incredibly large. 64% of the users upload between 1 and 24 shots only while 8% of the users upload over 100 photos per month to be shared. For the targeting of audiences is it also interesting to note that households with children are above average every month. Not only do they shoot more photos than other groups of users, but also share them in higher numbers: 44 compared to 31 photos in households without children. When asked why exactly users want to share photos, an overwhelming majority of 73% said that they would like friends and family share the experiences and adventures behind these photos. It is not so much about presenting the photos to the public and getting feedback, but surely this will also depend on the type of photos that are shared.

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