Smartphones and Digital Cameras – The Yin and Yang of the Photo Market – Part 1

If you look today at the photo market, you will quickly see that there is not only a distinguishing difference between DSLR and digital point and shoot cameras, but that people tend to often use the built-in picture making accessories of iPhone and Co. especially when it comes to taking a spontaneous photo. The picture quality is so good that you no longer need an extra camera in your bag if you want to shoot a nice photo.

When it comes to future potential, mobile photography is the today’s go-to market. Picture quality is now equivalent to professional photography and this potential excites millions of users. That’s why the creators of Instagram are the newest millionaires in the industry with their simplistic Photo Share App. It gives smartphone and iPad users the ability to share and spread photos easily.

The compelling 6Sight Social Imaging Survey, supported among others by Ecce Terram, gives insight into the current behavior of users in the photo area. One result of this survey is that the mobile devices are becoming more and more important.

More and more tech-savvy people have a smart phone equipped with a camera, and a surprising 91% of smartphone owners use their device at least once a month for making photos. In contrast, only 80% of owners of digital cameras use their cameras in their everyday life; the constant carrying of a smartphone clearly demonstrates its advantages.

The survey also shows other surprising details in the modern shooting of photos, particularly the recording of spontaneous moments. The amount of photos that are taken with each kind of device varies greatly and is clearly in favour of the digital camera.

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