The near Future: Image Analysis for better Photobook

A while ago we introduced our Beta-Version of the Next Generation of Photobook Creation, and we want to give an Outlook of one of our future features. The starting point for this feature is a consumer that directly want to create a photobook from a lot of images from a camera or the cloud.

For a long time, our automatic layout in our solution makes it easy to create a book which generates in minutes a Photobook when the consumer already has a sorted Album or Image Folder. But how should it work, when the consumer does not want to spend the time to prepare an image folder?

The path is using image analytics. In our case the identification of identical or similar images, separate images with persons and landscape images and find out, what is the best I mage from a quality perspective.

How does this work?

The first step is to choose one or more image sources in a wizard and process an image analysis. This process can take some minutes, especially when it comes to thousands of images.
As the result of this process, the images will be organized in stacks in a second step. Each stack contains identical and similar images.

The best images from a stack will be on top. Only images on top of the stack will be used in the photobook by default. Images with a bad quality will be not used and organized in the „unused images“ stack.
The consumer can dive into a stack and choose another image or decide not to use the stack (or an image) at all. As well the consumer has the possibility to change the number of images per page or the total number of images. The consumer can lower the total number of images, and the images with a lower quality will be sorted out first.

In the third step, the consumer can choose the preferred images for the cover, a cover style and a title for the book. Our latest improvements in Cover style published in the V2014.10 of our software became very handy for this step.

The last step is to choose an inlet style and a strategy for the Background images. The consumer can choose between Background Color, Pre-Defined Background Images or his images that contain landscape and no faces.

Now the book is ready to order. It is still possible as an option to start the editor for personal adjustments like effects, frames, masks, etc. If the consumer does not want it, the consumer can see a preview and order it. Stay tunes for the release of this feature in the near future.

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