The public art of the Moment – Part 1

Times are clearly over in which the pretty landscape photographs, the nice pictures of the trip to Barcelona or the sweet little picnic in the garden have been collecting dust in a photo album on the shelf. Cameras with the latest up-to-date technical features and gadgets nowadays are no longer reserved only for professionals. A large number of adults treasure and use their modern, expensive digital SLR cameras not just on special occasions, but often weekly, or even daily.

Social contacts are maintained regularly

The study, „Rise of the Amateur“, performed by the PMA on behalf of 6Sight offers a detailed insight into preferences and idiosyncrasies of professionalized amateur photographers. The formerly private hobby is now shared in a community wherein members actively share and exchange comments. Since the beginning of the age of digital photography, online portals have enjoyed extreme popularity. Nearly 50% of users said that they visit such online portals at least once a day to get advice or upload their own photos or post comments about photos of friends’ hobbyists – so almost half of all photographers indulge their hobby every day.

Just as a professional photographer who works daily with current art trends, hobbyists are tireless in their quest to seek advice and approval from their online community. Of those who do not want or cannot be active daily, another 35% are visiting relevant sites weekly.

A time-consuming hobby

More than half of the amateur photographers questioned spent up to 2 hours a week on sites like Flickr, JPG, or similar – a third managed to spend up to 5 hours per week mostly by uploading their own photos. In this area sites like, and are leading the pack; 50% of amateur photographers on Flickr or Facebook put their photos online, 38% still trust DPReview. When it comes to the number of photos, Flickr clearly has the edge.

Over 30% of respondents said they post the most photos on Flickr, well ahead of Facebook, where 14% of respondents upload most of their photos. This is a stunning development for a platform where the upload of pictures during Flickr’s beginning time in the early days in 2002 was only one aspect of an online game. It was so well received that from now on it only focused on this particular aspect of the portal. The success speaks for itself; in 2005 Yahoo bought Flickr.

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