The public art of the Moment – Part 2

On average, half of all users are even paying money for the permission to exhibit their digital artworks online. About 20% are budgeting for a year up to $ 50.00, and 20% even up to $ 200.00. The satisfaction with the offered services of online communities is consistently good, with only about 15% of users not satisfied with the offer.

For some, a disappointment

At the same level, there is still dissatisfaction among users when it comes to looking at their photos on large TV-screens. In this case, the only people who were interviewed for the survey owned a TV with a screen size of at least 107 cm or larger. Half of these amateur photographers reported viewing at least some of their photos on the TV screen, 15% of respondents, however, are not thrilled by the experience because the quality of the images was worse than expected. On the other hand the disappointed users are offset by 25% of respondents who are positively surprised by the quality of the screen display and continue to rely on their television as their medium of choice.

A new way of meeting

In summary, the study shows very clearly how the online community has changed the hobby of photography for many of its more casual fans. Imagine a stunning image finally revealed after endless shots being shared with strangers. This process in and of itself acts as a bridge to a new kind of connectivity and self-actualization. Half of the respondents indicated that they appreciate sharing their passion for photography with other users, and over two-thirds have the opinion that the mere participation in such portals has made them a better photographer.

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