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Today I would like to let you know about some new functions from our Desktop Client versions V2012.10 and V2013.4.

Correct presentation of a product plays a crucial role in how the product is received. This is true for a special dinner served in restaurant, and also for our photo products.

2D & 3D Previews

2D & 3D Previews

It is important for customers to clearly envision the products for which they are spending their money. For many products good presentation is a primary selling point. One good example is Photo Canvas. New customers, especially, are unaware of different formats and how they work. This is why we make it possible for them to preview their Canvas in different room settings, interior designs and wall colors. Our licensees can also complement the views for both the Desktop and Online Clients.

For consumers, one of the major advantages of photo products is that they can function either as an individual benefit or as gifts for family or friends. Calendars are especially versatile in this way.

Calendar Subscriptions

Calendar Subscriptions

For many years we offered our users the ability to manage important dates like birthdays in their photo calendars. It was also possible to subscribe to publicly accessible calendars. Until now, this function was rarely exploited and our users told us that the subscription function was difficult to use. We listened to them and their critique, and now include a range of applications like iCalShare, iCalWorld, MarkThisDate and others. Now you can easily navigate and select calendars directly from within our client and have immediate access not only to holidays and birthdays but also to the release dates of Playstation 3, race dates for the next NASCAR season as well as many more specialty calendar dates.

As announced at PMA@CES 2013, we will expand our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to USA and Australia, which also creates new challenges for products like Canvas.

Canvas Wrapping

Canvas Wrapping

Canvas Wrapping can be different from one country to another in requirements for style, production engineering, thickness of frames, etc.

While in Europe the Full Wrap or Over-Wrap style is preferred, in other countries this option is not sufficient. We developed alternative offerings for the canvas wrap so that customers can fully enjoy their photo on the wall. This is why we now offer a large variety of wrap forms, such as mirror wrap, stripe wrap, etc. in the Desktop and Online Client. Needless to say, our licensees also have the option to create and add their own wrap forms.

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