Why creation of digital assets are not magic ?

We want to give you with some interesting information about our solutions and how they can increase your revenue, lower your setup and maintenance costs, and transform your business into an easy-to-manage and successful Photo Retail business.

Our solutions offer you a software that can be customized just for your brand. It also offers several options for your consumers to experience a better way to create and order their products. Depending upon your approach and feed back from your focus groups, you can adjust the User Interface in multiple ways to better fit the needs of your consumers. This is a unique part of our solution – the flexibility to adjust it to your needs means that there many choices to be made, and we work closely with you to explain the possibilities.

Regardless of the capabilities of the software, it is the consumers point of view that matters in the end: Gifting, Story Telling and Preserving Memories are their priorities. The software and services are only channels for the consumer to use.

Do it with Magic



To make it easy for consumers to quickly produce their creation, we enable Templates, Collages and Themes that save them time and still deliver a great product.

It is simple to provide your consumers with a wide range of these digital assets:

You start our Desktop Client for Windows, Mac or Linux and enter the secret word to enter the „Magic Mode.” Then create Page Templates, Canvas & Poster Collages or complete Themes for Photobooks and Calendars right in the application, just like a consumer might do. You can add images as backgrounds, define frames, add clip art, masks, anything you wish.

Those Templates are saved with or without restrictions, meaning that you configure how much or how little freedom the consumer has to make changes. A restricted template and themes might be a Wedding photobook where the consumer can quickly drop in their photos and can order it as soon as they are ready. A less restricted template would enable the consumer to reposition or rotate image boxes, change backgrounds, borders etc.

Save a Theme

Save a Theme

The less restricted options offer more freedom for the consumer to be creative, so the process of building a photo book would take longer. We leave these choices to you so you can best match the needs of your consumers.

When you have finished your new Set of Templates and Themes, you can provide them to your consumers in several ways:

  • Offer it as a downloadable package for existing Desktop Client users
  • Offer it as a part of an Desktop Client that can or must be updated by the customer
  • Copy it to the Web-client and it becomes instantly available to your consumers on our HTML5 compliant Online Client

The Benefits

Create Collages

Create Collages

It`s so simple. Any designer, or sub-contractor from 99designs or freelancer.com or Graphic Assistant can create great themes and templates after a short introduction using our Documentation and the Software itself. That gives you a great set of tools for your consumers, and saves you money and internal resources as compared to other available photo software solutions.

This approach has a lot of benefits both immediate and for the long-term:

  • Because the digital assets are created using the same software that is used by consumers order the products, it is guaranteed that production quality meets your standards
  • From the start, the designer has the same experience as the consumer. That means they design digital assets that are easy to use and produce a good result.
  • The design of the digital assets are based on your product definitions. The designer will see warnings, if elements like image or text boxes are placed in the bleed area.
  • Not every product is the same, even an 8×11 softcover and an 8×11 hardcover will have small differences. Themes and Templates need to fit the product. The designer is able to view their templates on different kinds of products and adjust them accordingly. Of course, even complete themes can be imported from one book format to another, then quickly checked and adjusted by the designer.
  • The designer can immediately test their designs with full screen images that show final photobook or canvas collages as they will look when published.

One more thing

User created content

User created content

Not only can a designer can create their own Templates and Collages, your consumer can also create unique designs and with a click of a button their template becomes available for their future projects.

Of course we improve the „Magic Mode“ in our Software with each update. In the latest V2013.12 release, we added more possibilities to utilize your own backgrounds from your graphics library and the ability to create collages. If you would like more information, come see us at the PMA@CES Show in the LVH Paradise Center, Booth 42003, or visit our website www.ecce-terram.com.

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