ECCE TERRAM presents Photo2lab Client for iPhone

Oldenburg, 28.01.2008- Oldenburg, Germany and Las Vegas, NV. January, 29th, 2008. — ECCE TERRAM has already announced new versions of its offline software clients and its middleware for the PMA 2008 in Las Vegas, and communicated its expansion to New Zealand and Australia. Today the internet solutions specialist is presenting a new global highlight.

During summer 2007 Apple’s launch of a completely new smartphone, called the iphone received much public attention. With 4 million units sold during the first 200 days it is the most successful mobile phone launch. Steve Jobs, the legendary Apple boss announced a software developer’s kit last October for third party applications.

Fast Mover

This gave ECCE TERRAM the starting shot for the development of a photo print order client for the iPhone. ECCE TERRAM CEO Frank Simon states: “We think that thanks to the intuitive user interface and the iPhone’s Multi Touch Display this is the first attractive and user-friendly mobile phone photo print application that will be loved by its users.”

A Trend Setting Product

Right from the onset it was clear that the iPhone users define which application can be sensibly marketed. Spontaneous snaps from the holidays, a party, on concerts or a snapshot of something interesting on the road. The moment describes the motive and shows why the software developer has such faith in its new iPhone application. “The iPhone is the ideal tool to help establish photographic products as part of modern, digital life.” says Frank Simon, CEO.

Special Services for Production and Delivery

The iPhone’s photo printing range will kick off with a mini-photobook (10x15cm, 16 pages) and a post card service. The user selects photos, creates a postcard with text and images in the editing tool, moves the images with one finger, rotates and zooms pictures with two fingers and does a double click to browse. The application can pick the postcard’s recipients postal address straight from the contact list.

ECCE TERRAM’s “Photo2lab” services production partners print the post cards and post them directly to the recipient – or the photo book to the buyer or to a delivery address for a present.

ECCE TERRAM expects to present the final version shortly after Apple publishes its SDK (Software Development Kit). At the moment the application is a test drive based on jailbreak iphone, to show the possibilities of future applications, if apple will publish the SDK and SDK information.

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