ECCE TERRAM shows at PMA Australia 2008 his services

Online photo services converting digital images into traditional photographic paper prints are reaching the volumes of traditional photo labs in the 1990’s. Digital photo processing is a growth industry, but only a few developers have the experience and depth to create complete ‘end user to photo lab’ software solutions. The specialist Internet software developer ECCE TERRAM will be presenting the latest ‘off the shelf’, modular software solutions for online photo services, web portals, photo labs and purchasing associations at the PMA exhibition in Brisbane between 30 May and 1 June, including actual client software and middleware releases.

Photo Lab Software Solutions

Together the Photo Lab Software processing components build flexible, state-of-the-art solutions. These range from order processing using online stores, point-of-sale terminals and offline software clients for Windows, Macintosh and Linux using an open protocol connecting to any photo lab or printer. The DPS middleware processes the orders using a central user database, which allows splitting orders to cover production requirements (e.g. mixed orders for standard prints, posters and gift items). Lab plug-ins built the third layer in ECCE TERRAM’s ‘Photo2Lab’ solution. The lab plug-ins currently support for example several european Photo Labs and Photo Lab solutions including ORWO, CeWeColor, Frontline and other. With FrogPrints its realizes the first connection to a New Zealand photolab es well.

ECCE Photo Suite adds Photo Book and Calendar Editor Modules at PMA

ECCE TERRAM created the new generation of offline photo ordering clients (Windows, MacOS and Linux) with a modular structure. New modules for photo book and calendar design are being released during the PMA Trade Fair. A new postcard module which handles franking and mailing directly to the cards recipient will also be revealed during the PMA. The applications are brandable through graphics, logos and colors and are used by labs and services of different sizes, for large central labs, but for mini lab owners as well.

Multi Lingual Solutions with Source Code License

With Photo2Lab’s ready made solutions, any store or website can become an independent online photo service. ECCE TERRAM founder Frank Simon points out: “ECCE TERRAM endeavors with Photo2Lab software to allow photo services to allocate production orders, moving the control over the process from the large central labs back to the photo service. When you start your photo service make sure that you own your customer data and route to lab. ECCE Terram licensing model is unique in offering a source code license option.”

ECCE TERRAM practices these values with its solutions shown at PMA Booth No. 220 at PMA Australia 2008, Brisbane, from 30 May to 1 June.