Fall Update, Part 3: Better Photobooks with Coverstyles

We are returning to the features found in our Photobook designer, one of the most advanced on the market. We already made significant improvements to the software – the ability to integrate Links to Websites, Video or Audio, as well as our just-announced Conversion Tool, which enables the sharing of templates and designs across formats. But let’s get back to the core: Making the creation of a great photobook more convenient for the consumer get better with our latest Software Release.

We have always offered multiple ways that a consumer can create a photobook. One path they can use is the Free Layout method, which presents the consumer with a blank book and allows the them complete freedom in content management, image placement and all other details of layout.

They can also choose Pre-Defined Theme Photobooks. This path enables the consumer to create a photobook that leverages great images taken by professionals in addition to their own. It also offers a story-telling template that can be personalized with their text and images.

We continue to make the photobook process even more convenient by incorporating image analysis. This tool automatically ranks the consumers images, allowing the them to quickly choose their best images from hundreds of possibilities. Last but not least: The Auto Creation of a photobook using Styles which allows the consumer to quickly choose the feel and color pallet for their book.

Improved Auto Fill

Improved Auto Fill

One other change we made was targeted at our licensed clients. Now it is possible for these Partners to create better Page Templates and offer a wide range of Cover Templates. From our latest software, we show some examples of Cover templates:

  • The Classic – Colored/patterned backgrounds on the front cover, back cover and spine, with one image on the front plus a title
  • Double Page plus Title – Uses an image as background for the entire cover, plus a title on the front
  • Collage Classic – Copies of several of the first images as a collage on the front plus a title
  • Collage History – Copies of the first images for the front, and of the last images for the back cover
  • Collage Storyline – A front cover collage with a selection of images from the entire book as summary of the content
Auto-Generated Covers

Auto-Generated Covers

All covers are filled automatically based on the consumers choice, but they are free to make adjustments if they so desire. These are just a few samples of what our customers can create. Much more can be generated using different strategies, pre-defined backgrounds, masks and offering a selection of different layouts for the consumer images for the cover.

We did not forgot page layout. For our partners, generating a new format photobook has just become simpler and much faster. For each new format our software can generate more than 100 templates automatically. This means that you can offer your consumer a wider array of sizes and formats and bring them to market quickly. Over time, you can add your own custom templates using Themes, Background, Filters, Masks and Borders.

With these add-ons we make it easier for the consumer to automatically create a new and memorable photobook and order it in different sizes. The customers who license our software can add their own creative touches, and our new software tools significantly reduce the time-to-market for the creation of new photobooks.

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