Flash. Silverlight, Java, HTML5 – what is the Future ?

Will solutions that support HTML5 present a future-safe alternative for large retailers and photo service providers, who are looking for a way out of a dead-end technology?

The rapid recent shift in the online and mobile technology field has many large providers of photo processing and product services, like pharmacy chains and large electronic retailers, worried about how to protect their existing investments, while being able to develop new product lines. Industry analysts familiar with the photo services market like Frank Baillargeon, founder and president of f/22 Consulting, agree with our assessment: that the safest and most cost-efficient solutions will have to include full support for the HTML5 standard:

HTML5 will make it far easier for photo retailers and their service providers to develop and deploy critical cross-platform mobile applications,” says Baillargeon, whose Eagle, Idaho-based firm provides market research and consulting services to the photo industry.

According to Baillargeon, the combination of quality image capture and immediate access to satisfying photo product shopping experiences on mobile devices “can and should represent massive revenue growth opportunities for retailers.”

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