HDX4 Photo Manager will be presented on the PMA in Las Vegas

HDX4 GmbH has specialised in the development of software all about the topics of burning and multimedia. A suitable tool for digital photography is the SDK HDX4 Photo Manager, which other companies can license to upgrade their own software with new functions. SDK includes the two modules HDX4 Natural Enhancement and HDX4 Upscaling, both proprietary developments from the technology laboratories of HDX4 GmbH.

A distinctive feature of the HDX4-modules is that they can help to turn any snapshot into a really professional photograph – it only takes a mouse click. So far, photographers rather used trial and error to adjust brightness, contrast and colours; now the software can detect imperfections of pictures and corrects them without need for further user intervention. Frank Simon of ECCE TERRAM: “Thanks to the HDX4-functions, dark pictures with low contrast and matt colours are definitely a thing of the past. Suddenly, the sky prints perfectly blue and details, which were in the shade become visible again.”

Photo2lab Software Suite on the PMA in Las Vegas

Among the companies having licensed the HDX4 Photo SDK is the German company ECCE TERRAM Internet Services. Photo2lab Software Suite has been especially developed for digital photo services, which want to digitise all procedures from the order to printing in the laboratory.

Part of this suite is the eccePhoto Offline-Client, which enables the customer to select his own pictures that are to be ordered as prints or to be used as fun products or for the creation of photo albums or calendars. Integrated into the Offline-Client is the HDX4 Photo Manager. It serves to optimise the pictures per mouse click before uploading them to the Internet, in order to bring out the best of the photographs. This is important because large photo laboratories cannot carry out later modifications of photo albums and calendars – in contrast to prints – without large effort. The Managing Director of the developer ECCE TERRAM, Frank Simon states: “Among our customers are ORWO, Farbglanz Imaging, Pixelnet, Focus, TV Spielfilm, Kodak and many more.”

ECCE TERRAM Internet Services presents its Photo2lab Software Suite with the integrated HDX4 Photo Manager on the worldwide most important photo trade fair PMA, which takes place in Las Vegas from 31 January to 2 February 2008. It can be found on stand K191-1 (ECCE TERRAM GmbH, LVCC, 2nd floor).

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