Holiday season ends 1/7/2014 with new Desktop Client

For the last several months, our team has been working day and night on the Christmas release of our Desktop Client V2013.12. This week we completed this version and it is now in QA. After several weeks of testing, and in time for PMA@CES 2014, we will be releasing this new software. What will it bring to our customers?

New Order Wizard

New Ordering Wizard

New Ordering Wizard

First, a complete redesign the Order Wizard. Instead of a wizard where the consumer has to go back and forth to enter his order details, choose payment, and enter coupons, now we have organized everything into a single page.

In combination with this new Order Wizard, we extended to our customers the possibility to offer additional options, starting with shipment methods. In the past it was not easy to offer consumers Express Shipment, Overnight Shipment, or Special Handling compared to Standard Shipping. Now this has become much easier for you and transparent to your consumer.

The support of Payment Methods is also improved. For several years, our Desktop Client was the order client that made it possible to add new Payment Methods or new Third Party Payment Providers with little effort. Now you can provide a better overview of payment methods to your consumers and make it easier for them to choose the method that is right for them. In some countries you can charge a fee depending on payment for credit cards for example.


Starting February 2014 in several counties SEPA will become mandatory as form for Money Transfer and Direct Debit. The old Direct Debit will no be longer supported. This is a first and important step to offering Direct Debit as Payment Method even for international customers.

The Desktop Client V2013.12 now supports SEPA and enables our customers to integrate SEPA in their own payment workflow or use SEPA Payment through third-party Payment Providers.

More to see

More choices

More choices

Last February we talked about how important it is for customers to clearly envision the products for which they are spending their money. For many products, good presentation is a primary selling point. For this reason, we rewrote the Photobook Preview in our Software and added more Preview Options for Enlargements and Wall-Art. Now even for smaller Wall-Art, we show matching environments to illustrate how the size and image fits on the a Desk or Wall.

Daily Deals

Daily Deals have become an important part of the Marketing & Sales Strategy. But how you can use this strategy without hurting your business in the end? Already, businesses have shut down, because they educated their consumers to wait for the next Daily Deal from themselves or a competitor. How can Daily Deals improve Customer Loyalty rather than hurting it? How can you manage it without raising the cost of Customer Service?

Our answer you will find in our newest version and this will be the topic of our next blog article. Wait and see!

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