Improving Photo Kiosk Sales With Social Media and Value-Added Services

Over the past decade, new technologies lead to significant changes in the mobile phone industry. Modern Android and Apple smart phones come with high resolution cameras, social media applications and many other information-sharing tools. Because of this, sales at many photo kiosks declined.

While many people still use photo kiosks for passport photos and quick souvenirs, many consumers prefer the convenience of their mobile phone camera. While plain photo kiosks may have lower market value at the moment, the right software can boost sales and improve consumer brand perception at a photo kiosk.

By incorporating social sharing tools into a photo kiosk, consumers can automatically upload their photos to services like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Pinterest. By entering their username and password, kiosk users can automatically upload their photos to their favorite social network.

This has several potential benefits for a photo kiosk owner. In addition to improving the value of a kiosk, this will also reduce the usage of paper and photo ink. Since photo printing supplies can cost 20 percent or more of the total price of a sale, this can be a great way to save money. In addition, it may be possible to significantly reduce prices at a photo kiosk that provides digital-only services.

In addition, digital photo sharing allows companies to explore new paradigms for photo kiosks. A traditional photo kiosk requires a 4×7 foot area for operation. Lots of this space is taken up by the automated photo development machine. In addition, traditional photo kiosk machines can cost $7000 to $20,000.

With digital photo-sharing kiosks, there’s no need for a company to set up a kiosk with photo printing equipment. Digital photo-sharing kiosks only require a specialized photo camera, basic hardware and an Internet connection.

For example, a kiosk could be incorporated as an access-restricted app on a tablet computer. This tablet could be built into a wall with a power source and an Internet connection. To pay for photos, users simply swipe their credit card through an attached reader. While this type of system hasn’t been fully realized yet, it could be created and installed for less than $1000. This would allow a business to incorporate kiosks in a variety of scenic locations.

It’s possible set up this type of digital kiosk in many scenic locations. By setting up a kiosk near an area with a beautiful view, it’s possible to generate increased sales at a unit. Since these systems can be incorporated in waterproof displays, it’s possible to set them up in areas where traditional kiosks aren’t viable.

Ecce Terram can work with a business to help it develop this type of kiosk system based on our existing Solution for iOS & Android Devices and much more.

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