Mobile Photo Connect are back in San Francisco (Update)

Interested what is going on in the Mobile Imaging Market ? Then you should come mid of October to the Bay Area and attend the Mobile Photo Connect Conference 2014. This event is a new industry conference spurred by the rapidly maturing mobile photography market, will open its doors October 15 & 16, 2014 in San Francisco, California.

Mobile Photo Connect, an industry conference serving the mobile photography ecosystem, is pleased to announce its 2014 program featuring an outstanding initial lineup of speakers and sponsors. In response to customer demand, the conference has expanded with a second day focused on workshops and a move to a larger venue that will accommodate the event’s increased popularity.

October 15 will feature the Mobile Photo Summit; October 16 will feature the Mobile Photo Workshops. The Summit day on October 15 will offer a program of one-on-one conversations and in-depth panel discussions with industry luminaries, as well as short and impactful demos.

“Due to the continuing explosive growth of visual communication, mobile photographers today are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of photos they need to manage. Complicating matters, these images often reside on multiple devices and/or services,” according to Hans Hartman, chair of Mobile Photo Connect.

Mobile Photo Connect brings together the key participants in this emerging ecosystem – photo app developers, mobile phone companies, photography, printing and imaging vendors.

The initial speaker lineup show representatives of mayor companies of the industry like Flickr, Dropbox, Kodak Alaris, ScanCafe, Pixable, Magisto and others.

Highlights include:

  • The future of photo organizing: from manual to deep learning
  • The ins and outs of funding mobile photography startups
  • Executive fireside chat
  • The future of storytelling: from sharing photos to sharing experiences
  • Photo app show and tell

Additional up to 30 qualified developers will demo their photo or video apps in 3 fast-paced sessions.

With “Profiting in an omni-photo world” as it is Theme, this year’s edition of Mobile Photo Connect will focus on how photo app developers, imaging vendors, mobile device manufacturers and other constituents of the mobile photo ecosystem can create innovative solutions that solve today’s mobile photographers’ biggest needs.

“Customers are looking for more intelligent and automated solutions to aggregate their photos, enhance them, and share them in a meaningful fashion – and do this using whichever device best meets their purpose. It is up to vendors to turn these customer needs into meaningful and profitable solutions, and we’re excited to offer a platform to explore these issues, to share best practices, and to pursue partnering opportunities.”

We’re very pleased to sponsor and participate in Mobile Photo Connect, the premier conference for the mobile photography industry, held October 15 in San Francisco at the Forst Mason Center and organized by our friends at Suite 48 Analytics. For more info about the conference, please review its program announcement at and the event website at site:

If you’d like to attend, please note that the partner discount ends September 30 (your price is $399 instead of $499). Click here to register and apply this promo code: 99tCLwz7

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