New integrated solution of photo order clients and image optimization sets new quality standards

Atlanta, GA, June 9, 2010 – ECCE TERRAM, the Oldenburg (Germany) based solution provider for the digital photo market, and Imaging Solutions, creator of the leading image optimization software VIESUS offering production solutions for a wide range of photo print processes, have concluded a close cooperation agreement. One of the first outcomes of this cooperation by both companies will be the joint presentation of the VIESUS™ appliance integrating with the new Photo2lab Desktop Client V4.9 at the Photo Publishing Summit taking place June 15-16, 2010 in Chicago, USA.

With VIESUS™, Imaging Solutions AG offers a powerful, fully automated image optimization software (scalable from 5000 images/day to 20,000 images/hour), which can be deployed as an appliance. The solution provides unique functionalities such as regional/global editing functions, red eye removal including face recognition, image resizing with adaptive resampling technology, and background noise reduction. The decisive advantage of the VIESUS™ appliance is that editing parameters can be defined according to individual requirements. It is thus possible to start out using the default settings when optimizing existing photographs. Another option, however, is to fine-tune the controls according to individual requirements and to save those adjustments in a proprietary profile.

The Photo2lab order clients by ECCE TERRAM Internet Services GmbH, Germany, which has branch offices in the US and New Zealand, provide retailers and labs with the option of offering a wide product range, from photo prints to photobooks on genuine photo paper; the software can thereby be customized or provided as a white label solution to customers. Version 4.9 generates photobooks in a new, special format called tronPDF. This combines the advantages of client-side PDF rendering with targeted ex post optimization by the new VIESUS™ appliance.

Solutions of other providers either only allow resource-intensive ex post rendering of photobooks using several servers in a lab, or ex post optimization of PDF pages resulting in a correspondingly high error rate with regards to picture frames, clipart or collages.

Both companies’ systems are modular and enable incremental integration into existing production facilities and their structures. Time-to-market has been massively reduced through this cooperation, enabling the customer to always use state-of-the-art technology. It’s a win-win situation for all participants.
Together the two companies thus offer an integrated solution from the customer’s order right to the transfer of photobooks to digital printers or to the PURUS system.

The programme has been tested in practice on many thousands of images, demonstrating above-average results compared with competitors’ products.

About Photolab

The Photo2Lab Software Suite offers a comprehensive solution for industrial laboratories, from ordering to processing. The range includes software applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, web applications, applications for the processing of CDs or for the iPhone. The modern transmission protocol – TRON – is freely available and supported by many different third party providers. Apart from pure order processing, also other aspects are taken into consideration, such as payment, promotions and customization options for affiliates and partners in white label solutions. Products which can be offered and processed include photo prints up to genuine photobooks, thus providing unique flexibility and an open platform which focuses on reducing costs and reaching out to new customer groups for clients using this solution. In 2009, Photo2lab installations processed orders of more than 200 million digital photos, 400,000 photobooks and photo calendars.
At the PMA 2010 the Photo2lab order clients were selected as one of the PMA Retailer Hot Picks 2010 with praise for their configurability, flexibility and integration of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as the option to share in the creation of photobooks.


ECCE TERRAM was founded by Frank Simon in 1996. The company specializes in e-commerce solutions for the photo industry, lab control, e-payments and content management. Its Internet applications are used in the photo industry and also by major companies. Registered headquarters of the company are located in Germany, with branch offices in the US and New Zealand.

About Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions AG has approx. 60 employees, the majority of whom work in research and development. Imaging Solutions’ core competence in digital high-speed printing and scanning systems is complemented by its focus on innovative further developments of efficient production solutions for the manufacture of photos and value-added photo products on genuine photo paper.