New Photo2lab Solution presented on PMA 2010

Oldenburg, Germany/Atlanta, GA, January 13, 2010 – ECCE TERRAM – The innovative solution provider for the Digital Photo market, based in Oldenburg, Germany – will present the new version of its software solution for Photo Labs at the PMA 2010.

Since 2008, online photo orders, with digital pictures printed on traditional photo paper, have surpassed the volume of analog photos in many labs. Even during the financial crisis of 2009, the development of the digital photo market was clearly positive for ECCE TERRAM customers, and 2010 promises to be another successful year for digital photo products. Customer demand for unique mementos and personalized photo gifts remains high. Very few software companies can call upon such a vast wealth of experience and knowledge providing complete e-commerce packages for the printing market – solutions for consumers, printers, and photo labs, as well as unique applications for online and in-store needs.

The Internet specialist ECCE TERRAM will present the new versions of its modules at PMA, the international convention and trade show of the US Photo Marketing Association, from February 21 – 23, 2010 in Anaheim, California.

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ECCE TERRAM will introduce the latest version of its Desktop Client, Version 4.8. As with previous versions, the operating systems Windows – including Windows 7 – Mac OS X and Linux are supported. Since January 2009, the Desktop Client is the world’s first Desktop Client software to support Multi-touch systems, such as the innovative HP TouchSmart systems.

The current version will introduce additional features for creation of Photo Books and Photo Calendars, including new methods for the automatic layout of Photo Books, as well as new features that enable users to adapt the Software to their specific needs — making it suitable for beginners and professionals.

The freedom of configuration for labs and retail customers is still present and has been further extended. The adaptation of optics and functions to specific target groups is an essential core element of the Photo2Lab solution’s philosophy.

Photo2Lab Software Suite, interface between customers and production

The Photo2Lab Software Suite consists of the complete range of essential components for Digital Photo Labs, Commercial Labs, Business Printers and Retail Chains. Components such as those used in ordering systems for PC/Mac, online ordering systems, kiosk systems and solutions for mobile use via fully developed Middleware for the handling of Orders, Payment, and control of one or more Fulfillment Centers, and Order Tracking.

At the PMA 2010, an initial version of the lab control software Lab Transfer Server will be introduced, demonstrating the processing management systems used in print labs and the features used to control popular printing systems such as the HP Indigo.

Visit us at the PMA 2010, Anaheim, California, Booth C-1909-3

About Photolab

The Photo2Lab Software Suite offers a complete solution, from ordering through to processing in commercial labs. It includes software applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux, web applications, applications for CD processing or the iPhone. The modern connection protocol TRON is freely available and is supported by a variety of third parties. These provide solutions for, among other things, set-top boxes or kiosk terminals. Along with order processing, aspects such as payment, promotion, and adaptation options for affiliates and partners are taken into consideration as part of a white brand solution. The products can be used to handle anything from photo prints to hardback photo albums, thus offering unique flexibility and openness with the goal of reducing costs and reaching new target groups for the solution customers.

In 2009, Photo2Lab installations handled orders with over 200 million digital photos, 400,000 photo albums and photo calendars.