Photo Sharing for everyone – Part 2

Until now, we’ve only touched on the sharing of pictures and not about the upload since the numbers of pictures sent by email are still higher than number of photo uploads to Facebook and other sites. More than one time a week, for example, 43% of smartphone users send photos via E-mail, while 36% of users are also frequently upload photos from their mobile phone.

How the behavior of users has changed in six months, may provide a good indication of where the trend goes – tablet and smartphone are the absolute winners. While posting photos in e-mails only from the user’s computer has decreased in percentage terms, all other ways of sharing and uploading photos increased in the same time frame. 35% of tablet users upload more photos, 23% of them use their tablet to send more photos via e-mails and text. For smartphone users, the gains are even greater. 42% of users sent photos in text messages while 45% uploaded photos to social networking sites.

Regarding this study, however, it was still an open question whether within the six months there were simply more users who owned a tablet or a smartphone, or whether the existing users have shared more photos. Also it is still unclear as to how far these photos are used to order other photo-related products, since programs like Share-Your –Photo story have only been available for a limited time.

Facebook is leading again

Now here is the interesting question – where are these photos shared? With friends or the public? Although Flickr, Picasa and other sites are of particular interest to people who want to share their photos with the crowd, we can guess from the basis of the survey that the foremost winner in photo sharing is the social networking giant Facebook.
Far ahead of all other sites it was stated that 74% of surveyed users use Facebook as their favorite place to share photos. Far behind the second most popular site is Flickr is at 7%, and Picasa is still behind by about 5%. The 6Sight Survey provided great insight into the photo networking world. The rapid development within six months promises a vibrant market with major growth potential and development opportunities in all target groups. And one thing can be sure Facebook remains the spot-to-be!

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