6Sight 2010: Future of Photography – Part 1

From November 15th to November 17th of 2010 6Sight was held in San Jose, California. It is one of the best held conferences on the future of photography. Advanced imaging technologies are introduced as well as panel discussions and an outlook for the future of photography.

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6Sight 2010: Future of Photography – Part 2

From Publisher to Producer – Basically, the “DNA” of the seller has to change. Pictures are only a tool and not a permanent value anymore. They are valuable only because of the creative possibilities of special processing and design that do not know any boundaries at all. Boring traditional photo books, as we know from our parents would not interest anybody any longer. That’s why dealers need a greater flexibility. Seen from the online side, better corrections and image enhancements are needed, but in a way that the end user should not notice it, so that the user is just thrilled about the simplicity of its possibilities.

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