6Sight 2010: Camera Developments – Part 1

6SIGHT’s Paul Worthington, reports each year on the photo industry conference in San Jose which is centered around camera development. He starts with a general overview on concrete new developments. In 2008-2009 camera sales fell by 11.6%, so the question arose, how will the development of cameras be in the coming years – and how will other areas of the photo industry develop?

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6Sight 2010: Camera Developments – Part 2

ILC Cameras – Panasonic offers the DMC-G2 and Lumix GF2. The DMC-G2 is an ILC camera with 12 MP, 3.2 frames per second, 720p video for about $ 800. The LUMIX GF2 will be the smallest ILC camera, 19% smaller and 7% lighter than its predecessor GF1. The camera has a touchscreen and a resolution of 12 MP.

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