Welcoming Department of Corrections as a new customer

Since October 2009 ECCE TERRAM has been provided services for the New Zealand Government, Department of Corrections. ECCE TERRAM is in charge of programming, development and maintenance of all the department’s websites, e.g. the public website http://www.corrections.govt.nz/, all intranet websites and the parole board http://www.paroleboard.govt.nz/.

The expert levelled use of MySource Matrix Content Management System, which is one of the most important government used Content Management Systems in NZ and Australia, is as demanded as a deep knowledge and use of e-government accessibility best practises.

ECCE TERRAM Ltd is a company founded in April 2008 and affiliated to ECCE TERRAM, Germany, which was established in 1996. The company is focused on data centre services, content management and e-commerce solutions based on the open source solution TYPO3 and also offers several e-commerce shop and payment solutions. Special emphasis lies in retailing, including internet solutions, search engine optimisation and online marketing.