Yet another update: Mobile App V1.5

We just released our Mobile App V 1.5 and I would like to tell you about some great new functionality it contains.

Even though our last version was released just two months ago, we are excited to add these new capabilities in this latest revision specifically for Smartphones & Tablets.

Better Previews Convince Your Customers to Buy

Correct presentation of products plays a crucial role in how those products are received. This is true for a special dinner served in restaurant, and also for our photo products. We already talked about these capabilities because our Desktop & Online Clients inaugurated them last fall. Now we can bring them to your mobile consumers as well.

Photo Gifts

Photo Gifts

It is important for customers to clearly envision the products they are about to buy.

Good presentation is an important selling point, more is required. Sometimes the consumer needs to visualize how the ordered product will appear in his personal life.

For Posters and more importantly, for high-value products like Wall Art, they want to know how the photo they took with their camera will look as a 20×30 inch Canvas above their sofa or in their bedroom? Does the photo match with the colors of the wall or is the canvas too small or too large for their room?

With our new Wall-Art Preview, which matches the same feature from our Desktop & Online Clients, they can get a very good idea of how their purchase will appear. The consumer can choose the product type, size and image, then choose a room, the type of furniture and wall color, then get a impression how this product will look in their environment.

More creativity available at their fingertip

Wall-Art on the Wall

Wall-Art on the Wall

One of the strengths of our other order channels are the wide range of effects, masks, image enhancement and text features available to the consumer. This enables them to create better and more personalized gifts for their loved ones. With Mobile App V1.5 we have added those features for the mobile user.

Adding Aviary`s Photo Editing features into our app lets users edit images on a photobook, poster or a photo gift.

The new new effects editor bring a lot of features to your customers:

  • Effects
  • Clip Art
  • Frames
  • Drawing
  • RedEye Removal
  • Image Enhancement
    • Auto Enhancement
    • Auto Balance
    • Night Improvements
    • Backlit
  • Image Editing (Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation)
  • Text Editing with Resize, Position and Rotation
  • Whiten
  • Blemish

The new updated Version is already submitted to the Apple iTunes Store in the US and will be available in other countries shortly after Apples approval.

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