zoombig – the smart business directory launched at Wellington Business Expo 2008

The zoombig business directory provides search engine-optimised homepages for businesses. A two-month test phase in the competitive European market showed that a zoombig homepage achieves the highest rankings with search engines such as Google. The Web2.0 portal is operated in New Zealand by ECCE TERRAM Ltd and launches on 23rd September at the Wellington Business Expo.

Frank Simon explains why zoombig was developed: “With zoombig, we can offer a standard solution for effective online marketing at low cost. Custom-made solutions for search engine-optimised websites have become uneconomical because of the associated time and costs. With just a free listing in zoombig, even finding small and medium-sized enterprises on the Internet becomes far easier.

zoombig caters for all businesses that want to market their products and services successfully. Given the huge competition out there, getting found requires an effective strategy. Registering with zoombig and listing on the zoombig homepage increases the chance to get a headstart against the competition in order to achieve top rankings on search engines. Thus, zoombig technology closes the gap between classic website design with a search engine-optimised approach and individual SEO (search engine optimisation) consulting and optimising. As it is tailored to specific businesses and products, continuous optimisations are achieved.

Standard website design today usually considers search engines – but it only takes place once, when the website is designed. With this method, however, the website cannot react to the continuous changes with regards to page ranking, the algorithms used by search engines and measures taken by competitors. The alternative is ongoing, individual SEO consulting and optimisation, which is ruled out because of high costs, especially for many small enterprises. This gap is filled by zoombig.

That’s also what makes zoombig different to other business directories: zoombig’s rationale is to make members known, not first and foremost the portal itself. The new zoombig business directory also sets itself apart from alternatives by being well-structured, offering good landing pages and high usability. zoombig stands for uncomplicated online marketing. Moreover, organisations and business associations can present themselves in a clustered fashion and communicate on the Internet with zoombig’s custom-made extensions. All this is enabled by the unique zoombig architecture, which is designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or cluster concept.

zoombig will be launched at the Wellington Business Expo on 23rd September. You’ll find ECCE TERRAM Ltd there at Stand 38.

ECCE TERRAM Ltd is a company founded in April 2008 and affiliated to ECCE TERRAM, Germany, which was established in 1996. The company is focused on data centre services, content management and e-commerce solutions based on the open source solution TYPO3 and also offers several e-commerce shop and payment solutions. Special emphasis lies in retailing, including internet solutions, search engine optimisation and online marketing.

About zoombig
zoombig is a search engine-optimised business directory, which presents company information and corporate news in an automated and cost-efficient way to achieve good long-term search engine rankings. The technology was developed by Lightwerk GmbH, a company based in Germany, and is licensed to ECCE TERRAM Ltd with the goal to adapt the service to local market requirements. The service is already on the market in New Zealand and will be offered in Australia from January 2009.